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About me

hi! my name is matty and i am a streamer and content creator from hawaii! i am a community focused content creator with open arms to anyone that wants to be apart of the family! i always try my best to make everything i do on stream as entertaining as possible and also just a heads up, i talk a LOT LOL. i hope you enjoy your stay and thanks for hanging around with us! #sushigang


we do movie nights every thursdays and polls are released at the start of every week with some amazing movie selections!! we also have anime/community nights in our discord where we host fun games for anyone to join. DID I MENTION WE HAVE AN ANIME BOT THATS INSANELY ADDICTING?? XD. i strive to make my discord a safe place for my community to hang out and have fun! if you do decide to join us, i hope you have a great time and ill see you there!


i probably use twitter the most and love making content on there so if you want a little extra dose of me and my thoughts, feel free to follow me over there!


im currently away from youtube at the moment but expect some amazing collabs, unique content and much more in the near future! I LOVE YOU!! <3


donations are much appreciated and help out more than you think but please only donate if you yourself are financially stable! THANK YOU!! this will go towards upgrades to my streams, better content, and better quality! eventually helping my journey into full time content creation!